How Has The Adoption of MDM Progressed in the Past 5 years?

November 5, 2015

Presented by The Information Difference and Riversand

As data management in all its forms continues to feature high on business agendas, more and more enterprises are realizing the inherent value that exists in data, and are taking steps to leverage that value.

In case you missed the original live presentation, you are warmly invited to view the recorded webinar with Andy Hayler, Co-Founder and CEO of the Information Difference and an established data management authority as he explains the extent to which the adoption of Master Data Management (MDM) has progressed in the past five years.

Recent surveys of the Information Technology market have suggested an overall increase in expenditure in 2015. Join this webinar to learn what proportion of this increase has been in the area of master data management, how much companies are spending on MDM, how successful they have been and how many source systems they are connecting to.

Volumes of data are growing exponentially on a daily basis, making it harder than ever to be sure that data is accurate, up-to-date and reliable for business decision-making.

MDM is not a new concept, but it has become a fundamental foundation of a robust data strategy, at a time when certainty of data process, data consistency and data quality has seldom been more important.

The webinar will also feature a presentation of some real-world case studies by leading MDM solution providers, Riversand Technologies. Learn how organisations similar to yours have delivered successful MDM deployments and the business drivers involved.


Andy Hayler
Andy Hayler
President and CEO
The Information Difference

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