Practical Data Monetization Strategies for Business Enterprises

December 8, 2017

The audience attending my presentation would benefit in 2 main ways.

  • Firstly, much of today’s thinking on managing data originates from an IT centric view with emphasis on technology – storage and processing. This presentation is focused on data consumption by the business users. Specifically the premise is that data management including consumption should be tied to the business goals, key questions, and relevant KPIs that matter for business performance. In this regard, this presentation looks at a data standard as a key data monetization technique.
  • Secondly, while there are numerous insightful reports available from research and advisory firms that indicate (and even scare) poor utilization of data for business benefits, this presentation is based on solutions and not analysis or reports per-se. Importantly the data monetization solution(s) in this presentation are technology agnostic that can be applied whether your core enterprise systems run on SAP or Microsoft or Oracle technologies.

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