Riversand Designs for Dynamic Governance

July 28, 2016

New innovations will enable enterprise businesses to make relevant changes to their governance ecosystem faster and tie directly to business outcomes.

HOUSTON, TX (PRWEB) JULY 28, 2016: Riversand, a leader in the Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, is investing significantly in bringing next generation master data management capabilities to the market and is releasing these capabilities to the market starting with dynamic data governance for enterprises.

As technology and data-related services continue to grow and increase in complexity, better and more agile data governance is pushing to the fore as a hot topic for enterprises. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and others have effectively changed the game, ushering in the age of Big Data and creating a need for new innovations that can scale with these companies. The question of ‘what to do’ with this data is being answered in increasingly complex ways, creating a demand for a new approach to data governance.

“Change can be uncomfortable, and sometimes even dangerous”, Shyam Potta, Product Manager for Riversand says. “This is because there is often a lack of clarity regarding the impact of the changes. Enterprises need a means of assessing that impact, determining exactly what will change, as well as what negative impacts can occur. They want to know if data will be lost or corrupted, or what unforeseen consequences a change may have.”

“The way current MDM implementations are, making any change to governance processes is a lengthy affair,” says Shyam. “It can take weeks and many times months to make a change, test it, migrate it to all silos within the business, and finally mitigate the problems that arise. This timeframe exacts a toll on the business, sometimes costing sales and revenue while new strategies and systems are vetted and put in place.”

Dynamic governance is growing quickly as a data management process. As businesses segment data into more and more fringe levels of governance, the governance itself must become more dynamic to produce value for the business. Understanding the data, and implementing the changes it recommends, becomes a much smoother process when you can know and mitigate the risks ahead of time.

The solution, according to Shyam, is Design for Dynamic Governance, coupled with insights. “Riversand has always been innovating to provide businesses newer and better tools to perform their job. We are now focused on developing new technologies that allow enterprises to better capture, analyze, understand, and utilize data from their customers, vendors, internal and external resources.”

Riversand’s next generation offering takes the first step at enabling Design for Dynamic Governance by giving our customers the ability to quickly setup collaborative workflow processes with data governance policies for continuously evolving business scenarios. These scenarios can be business context changes or data context changes. The goal of this functionality is to provide a proactive approach to set up the business processes and policies with integrated state and quality management to measure and monitor data. This functionality is being further refined so that previews can happen in near real time, giving businesses quick and flexible insights for them the to make decisions that are aligned to the top line and bottom line business goals.

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