Riversand releases a set of critical capabilities that empowers businesses to change governance policies and processes faster

August 26, 2016

MDMCenter v7.8 is Riversand’s first significant step towards next generation MDM platform and apps. This release will enable customers to continuously and proactively enhance governance processes, keeping them relevant to their key business objectives.

Houston, TX – August 26, 2016 – Riversand Technologies, a worldwide leader of Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM), today announced the release of MDMCenter version 7.8, the first significant step towards next generation MDM platform and apps.

“Data is exploding in volume, velocity and variety due to the innovation from enterprises such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. It is now the central focus of many business objectives for enterprises and master data is no exception to this trend. Our customers are faced with an increasing need to react and adapt to changing trends and business priorities to stay competitive. We believe dynamic governance coupled with insights is a key enabler” says Shyam Potta, Product Manager for Riversand.

Key features in this release include:

  • Design for Dynamic Governance: This module will allow our customers to configure business processes and policies with ease, with an intuitive interface to manage rules using Riversand Business Language, map and deploy them.
  • Information Governance Reporting and Insights: This is a data visualization module built using the new Riversand platform, to enable advanced data analysis and visualize the results in charts, tables, and dashboards.
  • Enhanced Workflows: Various enhancements have been made to the already robust workflow module to enable dynamic business processes, with ability to map relevant tasks to be completed.
  • Entity Overview and Family view UI: Users can now visualize and manage every aspect of an entity, its hierarchies, variants, extensions and relationships in a much simpler and usable way.

According to Gartner, “Information governance is foundational for digital business and analytics programs. Success requires data and analytics leaders to change their organizations’ behaviors, adopt a proven roadmap and measure success along the way” [1]. Through this release, Riversand is also introducing a NoSQL based platform to bring advanced Governance and Insights capabilities to supplement traditional MDM functionality.

For more information about dynamic governance, read this Blog and the article.

About Riversand
Riversand is an innovative leader in Master Data Management. It provides a single, integrated, scalable and robust multi-domain MDM platform that caters to a variety of use cases across multiple verticals. In addition, Riversand offers specific solutions such as Vendor Portal, Spare Parts Management, Material Master, GDSN on-boarding, Media Assets Management, Print Publishing, and more. Riversand provides accelerated time-to-market, increased customer engagement and improved operations. Contact us at www.riversand.com for more information and follow us @RiversandMDM on Twitter.

[1] Gartner: Ten Steps to Information Governance, July 5, 2016

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