Riversand Partner Network

The Riversand Partner Network includes the most innovative and successful vendors around the world who help our customers leverage their data and win in their space.


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A crucial differentiator

A crucial differentiator

Strategic partnerships with experienced and successful vendors make a tangible difference for our customers. It is a big reason why we are perceived of as a launchpad instead of as quicksand.

Our partner network

At Riversand we have two types of partners - technology partners and SI partners

Technology Partners

Our certified technology partners help with translating our MDM platform into a working solution for our customers and help them integrate it with their existing systems.

SI Partners

In addition to covering a large set of regions around the world, Riversand’s SI partners possess expertise on a variety of industries and their corresponding use cases.

Join us

Join us

Riversand’s partners are industry leaders in their domains and play a crucial role in developing solutions to address our customers’ needs. Discover the ways in which a partnership with Riversand can benefit you.

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