With Riversand’s Four Layer Architecture, you have the power to be future-proof and scale your business painlessly





At Riversand, we work with smart, demanding customers who not only want a data solution that works now but adapts and flexes to their future needs. You shouldn’t have to compromise your master data solution because of your success, or business change, or unexpected constraints. Today, you have the choice for many point solutions to solve single challenges of data: supply chain, customer, inventory, demand, and growth. These different solutions can produce isolated data silos, and not integrated with legacy applications.

As a result, you have no macro, holistic understanding of the health of your operations. Customer experience lies at the intersection of the different domains of data – product, channel, and customer data. You must bring these disparate data domains together to maximize your customer experience.

How do you do this?

With Riversand, you have a proven, multi-layered Master Data Experience Management (MDxM) platform designed to help you be future proof. You can grow, expand, and scale without the technological headaches that sprout from your success.

The Apps Layer: The tools to customize and give you predictability of cost and ROI

Your industry, data management processes, supply chains, channels, and customers are unique. All of these things combined make up your operational, financial, and strategic advantage.

While cloud-native and SaaS platforms take advantage of next generation technology, processing, and machine learning, some businesses (maybe even yours) still need some extensibility or “customization” to even a powerful base offering.

Oftentimes, this customization to add your specific and individual function can be a value equation filled with so many variables of cost and time, that the customization, while necessary, never truly pays for itself. And, as SaaS technology and platforms continue to update, those “mods” don’t upgrade…or never work as expected or intended…and you keep paying for it.

With Riversand, we welcome your desire to customize our platform to your needs. You can easily create custom apps for your business using our SDK (Software Development Kit). You should focus on the value of our platform for your business, and not worry about paying over and over (and over) for unscalable mods.

With our SDK, you have control to get things done for your business. Development isn’t some unpredictable cost and time sinkhole. You continue to get scalable value with Riversand’s Apps layer.

The Experience Layer: Customer experience matters across any and all industries.

With Riversand’s Experience Layer, you can provide your customers, consumers, suppliers, distributors, and partners with an optimal experience to show a fast and high return on investment.

How do you maximize a variety of last mile consumer experiences and cross-domain interactions to provide meaningful and actionable intelligence?

Retailers need to make sure their products can be found by a customer and searchability becomes a big driver here. So, how can you increase searchability?

You need the right data set of course. The data needs to be enriched. You need smart labeling. You need intelligence surrounding SEO customized to the search engine you are targeting.

For a manufacturer attempting a multichannel approach, experiences are centered around channel intelligence. This involves having a 360-degree view of their channels. The product information needs to be consistent across channels which requires a good syndication component.

The Governance Layer: Workflow collaboration and integrations between systems, delivering better compliance, improved data quality, and reliability of analytics.

Your business decisions depend on the quality of intelligence that gets to the right decision makers at the right time. The reliability of the intelligence is based on the kind of data that the business gathers.

Conversely, bad data leads to misleading intelligence, which in turn leads to poor quality decisions and will hurt your company.

A true view of your data matters: If you can’t tell which products are selling the most in each market, you will invest in the wrong product lines.

If marketing targets the wrong demographics because of poor customer data, you’ve wasted money. If your product data matches the wrong pictures and incomplete descriptions to the ecommerce site, your sales will plummet.

Don’t compromise your brand, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Mitigate that risk. With Riversand, you have a reliable data governance and stewardship advantage that is crucial to ensuring that the foundation of your decision-making process is solid, and you’re not misled in your understanding of the true nature of your business.

The Master Data Experience Platform: From Data to Experiences

If you’re going to invest and rely on a mission-critical data management infrastructure to improve your customer experience, make sure it’s built from the ground up to take advantage of the newest (and wholly proven) architectures to handle current and future business and IT needs.

The Riversand Platform is built on a flexible base layer – a foundation that handles multiple domains with built-in analytics, providing actionable insights to business users at all levels – and keeping your IT and security in compliance.

While powerful to deliver high-quality enterprise performance to the world’s leading companies, the Riversand Platform is versatile to individual users and specifications within the same company or team.

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