Get your products out to market faster and with greater confidence in your supplier and ingredients data.


Reinforce Your Food and Beverage Brand.

“Food and beverage revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2025) of 6.5%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$25,659m by 2025.” – Digital Market Outlook, Statista

Getting complete, accurate, and timely product data to market isn’t easy. It requires a tremendous amount of information from your teams and suppliers to be well integrated, validations and disclosures to occur at many levels, and complex change management and governance to be enforced during every introduction and through every revision. Riversand’s Master Data Experience Platform (MDxP), ESHA’s Genesis R&D, and Verdant’s COG Integration Platform provides an integrated approach to Product Data Management and Syndication for food and beverage companies.

Now, you can have a 360-degree view of the product data that matters most, whether it is ingredient, nutrient, label, or finished good data with meaningful insights and better long-term intelligence. You can capture, enrich, approve, and publish accurate technical information for food ingredients, recipes, and key product data such as claims and nutrition labeling. You have seamless collaboration between internal and external stakeholders, management of the complete digital product record, and facilitation of approvals and change management — all while assuring that your critical nutrition labeling and compliance data is generated and validated with confidence using Genesis R&D.

This joint offering provides:

  • Easy supplier collaboration for accurate ingredient management.
  • Ability to sync to all ecommerce channels, marketplaces, e-retail, 1WS, and partners.
  • Traceable, auditable change management.
  • Integrated nutrition and label compliance.
  • Channel-specific content that is automated and simplified.
  • Top to bottom visibility across all food and beverage item components.
  • Enriched content you can publish instantly to every customer touchpoint.
  • Strong reporting and analytics.

We are proud to collaborate with ESHA and Verdant -- two leaders in this space -- to deliver an integrated and comprehensive offering for food and beverage companies to develop and manage their most important asset -- their products.

Food and beverage (F&B) companies like yours struggle to balance the demands of mounting regulatory complexity with the need for increased speed and visibility being driven by customers and eCommerce opportunities. With this offering, you can upgrade product development and go-to-market capabilities with digital tools that drive efficiency and automation to meet demands now, and also open up new, additional opportunities.

You can leverage Riversand’s MDxP for Product Information Management (PIM) that is scalable to your volume and complexity. You can synthesize all of your various product data across all channels, and maintain secure visibility in supplier and customer collaboration, and intelligent change management and approvals.

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