Riversand CX360

Your brand’s investment in making your customers happier with intelligent data so you can make every conversation count.

Customer Experience 360

Deliver superior customer experiences with 360-degree insights right where you want them.

Trusted by leading global enterprises

“The Riversand platform drives to transform our core data to the selling data. That is, to flex the product information and target customers at the right place, at the right time, in the right channel.”

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Alex Ives
Head of Business and Enterprise Architecture at Boden

“Riversand is the foundation of our digital-first strategy, giving us the structure and governance to manage 10K products, 40 retail outlets, web offers, and an omnichannel environment in the UK.”

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Steve Motley
Head of Digital Information

“Riversand’s PIM/DAM and MDM systems support our 200K products, 500 suppliers, and 100 users workflow in an omnichannel environment and integrated architecture.”

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Erik Cuypers
Chief Information officer

“We are now able to completely control our destiny with a non-prem solution which is easy to use, has a great UI, has the ability to self-service, and works great with our team onboarding and workflows.”

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Kimberly Mazza
Director Master Data Management

Benefits of Riversand CX360

Personalize real-time, at scale

Design and deliver 1:1 personalized experience by orchestrating tools, teams, and data together.

Centralize your customer data

Tie your data together with native integrations and workflows so that it doesn’t become exponentially complex as you grow.

Take action on opportunities faster

AI-based automation and intelligence helps tackle problems faster and simplifies decision-making.

Your growth depends on your customers

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