170+ Countries
Number of SKU’s
55 Million
$12 Billion
VF is a worldwide leader in branded lifestyle apparel, footwear and related products. VF's growth in part depends on the successful integration of newly acquired brands into its Omni-channel systems.
Turning Information into insight
  • No single source of product, vendor, and customer data
  • Ad hoc vendor & customer data creation across brands & geographies
  • No association between product, vendor & customers
  • Improved data quality & elimination of duplicates.
  • Data enrichment for customers, vendors and products
  • 3rd party vendor integration
  • Fuzzy search enablement
  • Standardized processes across brands
  • Facilitation of M&A using a centralized system
  • Reduced redundancy of information
  • Faster data availability in downstream systems
Let us transform your data into an asset
World’s Largest Apparel Manufacturer uses Riversand’s Master Data Management(MDM) Solution to manage Product, Vendor and Customer Data across Brands Globally
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