Jewelry Omni-channel
86M US households
Number of SKU’s
1.6 Million
$520 Million
With over 1.6M products and 50K new product introductions each year, JTV relies on high quality, dependable content to emphasize the true brilliance of its gemstones and jewelry.
Turning Information into insight
  • Disorganized & intractable content
  • Large portfolio (37 digital assets per product) across multiple channels
  • Inefficient SKU creation system, processes & taxonomy
  • Extend taxonomy for gemstone content with ability to attach wireframes to gemstones = better dimensions for digital photos of products
  • Increased revenue by $7M
  • Reduced internal & external failure costs
  • Increased sales conversions
  • Faster time to market, better merchandising
Let us transform your data into an asset
Jewelry Television’s Sales Sparkle with help from Riversand’s Product Information Management.

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