Retail, eCommerce
Stores in 38 Indian cities
Number of SKUs
4 Million
Rs 4,582 crore
With over xxx SKU’s in clothing & accessories, health & beauty products, furnishing & decor, Shoppers Stop is one of India’s largest online and offline retail groups.
Turning Information into insight
  • No collaborative platform, leading to errors
  • No transparency in retail & eTail
  • Hierarchy not suitable for performance measurement
  • Lagged data flow from business team to e-commerce
  • Provided a single, collaborative data on-boarding platform
  • Single workflow for all categories, business rules and automated quality checks
  • New GS1 taxonomy
  • Improved spend management
  • Enhanced visibility into spend and procurement
  • Procurement automation
  • Reduced supply chain risks
  • Efficient manufacturer tracking
Let us transform your data into an asset
Shoppers Stop views Riversand MDM integration as a crucial Next Step in their Omni-channel Strategy

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