All-Round Success : Product Information and Customer Requirements in a Nutshell

Today’s hyper connected consumers have more choices than ever, and their expectations of brands have increased accordingly. Buyers use multiple sales channels and expect to be able to travel through them seamlessly, which means that all customer touch points must offer accurate, timely and consistent product information. Meeting these expectations has been a challenge not only for retailers, who sell to these highly empowered consumers, but also for manufacturers, whose role has expanded from supplying basic product descriptions to being responsible for creating rich, market-facing content.

To better understand the manufacturer experience, Riversand’s Yael Davidowitz-Neu recently sat down with Orkla’s Johan Ekegren. Orkla, a leading supplier of branded consumer goods, implemented a Riversand PIM solution to update its legacy systems.

Read how Riversand helped transform Orkla’s product information management.

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