Energy management
100+ countries 90% of sales online
Number of SKUs
$25 Billion
Schneider Electrics’s Buildings Business has grown quickly in part through M&A. With 90% of sales flowing through online channels, management of data from acquisitions posed huge problems for data management and quality.
Turning Information into insight
  • Increased PIM complexities with company growth through M&A
  • Inconsistent data, with attributes scattered requiring manual validation
  • Need to deliver richer product information
  • Integrated workflow and business process mgmt
  • Integrated data syndication & publishing modules
  • Advanced data on-boarding & staging environments
  • Reduced publishing time to SEBB's eCommerce platform by 75%
  • Enhanced data consistency & quality
  • Data redundancy eliminated company wide, reducing costs
Let us transform your data into an asset
Growth through M&A creates Increased Product Information Management Complexities - Riversand steps up to address the Challenge

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