7 Steps to Build a Successful Business Case for Master Data Management (MDM) Program

As a data and analytics leader, or as part of the IT team, you need to present a complete picture of an MDM program’s business value to get stakeholders on-board with your project.

Gartner’s research presents a seven-step stakeholder engagement roadmap around MDM that will help you get buy-in by quantifying business benefits.

  • Develop measurable, business-oriented KPIs
  • Benchmark the current state
  • Capture the metrics and value of MDM
  • Model the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Calculate the return on investment (ROI)
  • Explore future steps

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As you consider an MDM implementation program to improve your organization’s data management capabilities, you will have to think about increasing stakeholders’ participation and commitment to generate better outcomes and a greater sense of ownership.

A business case for MDM can be difficult because it involves numerous business units and stakeholders with their own agendas and goals, and often conflicting incentives.

Even if more people are involved in this joint process of common interest, each has a unique perspective about what it will take for the organization to succeed. This is okay if you communicate openly and build common goals.

But poor communication can lead to weak sponsorship of the MDM program, dilution of resolve, and ultimately the entire project’s failure.

Gartner lays out seven steps to develop and present a successful case for increasing engagement between the IT department and the business around an MDM program in order to better capture measurable value.

MDM Programs

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We believe these steps provide a roadmap that help clarify the purpose and effectiveness of the MDM program in a manner that executives can understand and in turn build commitment and support towards your project.

We invite you to download “7 Steps to Build a Successful Business Case for MDM Programs” with our compliments.



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