Three Essentials for Starting and Supporting Master Data Management

Trusted data adds clarity. Trusted data accelerates decisions. And to become a truly data-driven organization you need to be thinking about building a culture around Master Data Management (MDM).

The People, Process and Technology model described in this Gartner article is timeless because when your people interact with process, they can scale. When your people interact with technology, they can innovate. And when your process and technology work together you can automate and save costs.

Marrying these three critical components enables for a successful MDM program. Deep dive into this foundational knowledge to learn more about

  • Engaging Business Stakeholders
  • Articulating Business Value
  • Adopting a Programmatic approach
  • Leveraging a Proven MDM Framework
  • Aligning Technology and Architectural Choices

Download the “Three Essentials for Starting and Supporting Master Data Management” to avoid the pitfalls that will otherwise disrupt a smooth and successful MDM project.

Digital Transformation is not just about technology, it’s about people, processes, competencies and culture. This statement holds doubly true for MDM projects.

Businesses embark on MDM implementations in a hope to achieve a single unified view of their master data to make better business decisions and to increase their margins.

But often, they start these projects in a “fixed” mindset that may slow down or, worse, derail the digital transformation initiatives of the company. This article by Gartner describes the three crucial steps businesses must engage with to succeed in their MDM implementations.

Supporting Master Data Management
Gartner Three Essentials for Starting and Supporting Master Data Management, 13th October, 2020.


At the heart of these steps is the recognition that people, process, and technology are the key for modern digital transformation to succeed. People need to be brought into the process as early as possible. A collaborative process ensures a smooth rollout and subsequent success. And contrary to some common beliefs, technology is definitely the last piece of the puzzle.

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Gartner Three Essentials for Starting and Supporting Master Data Management,Sally Parker,Simon Walker,13th October 2020.

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