Unlock Revenue with Your Retail Data

Your key to compelling customer experiences, supply chain optimization, and actionable product insights is data.

  • Drive explosive commerce growth
  • Enable a seamless shopper experience
  • Build lasting, profitable customer connections

…all on a unified solution for retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods brands with automated ease and fueled by AI.

Sounds good, right?

The tools for 360-degree product management and customer insights exist, and they should be the basis of your organization. This fact sheet provides a data-driven overview of why it matters and how you can leverage this data to unlock revenue and make sure you don’t fall behind your competition.

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Download the Unlocking Revenue Streams with Retail Data Fact Sheet Now

Retail Fact Sheet Riversand

Need more reasons to download? Here’s a sneak peak of a few insights you’ll find:

  • 48% more is spent by customers when their online shopping experience is personalized.
  • 27% of returns are due to bad quality information or product descriptions.
  • 75% faster time-to-market and assortment churn is possible by leveraging master data.

Plus, you’ll learn:

  • Key benefits of leveraging data for retailers and brands.
  • How maximizing your product and customer data matters on a rapidly increasing scale.
  • Intel on painlessly managing limitless assortments.
  • Retail and brand business problems that master data solves.
  • Plus, stats to back it up – value you’ll see for managing what you sell, positioning to sell better, and selling everywhere across channels & networks.

…and much more.

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