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Riversand Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a highly effective web-based application which can be used for managing and distributing digitally stored content such as images, documents, creative files, and multimedia files.

  • Integration with PIM – Riversand Digital Asset Management (DAM) module seamlessly integrates with Riversand MDM and PIM solution. Users from different business departments are empowered with the ability to access documents and other digital assets associated with the product directly from the PIM system.
  • Measure impact by analytics – Riversand DAM module integrates with the business discipline and technology to harness analytics and insights. This helps in consistently turning data into action. Marketers and other customer experience pros become capable of measuring the impact of content-driven experiences, rather than working in a silo. This helps in making smarter decisions about content reuse.
  • Reduce time to market – Enterprises are able to significantly reduce the time-to-market for all the promotional activities, evaluate the market’s response to their brand in real time and compile useful statistics to make quick and groundbreaking marketing decisions.



Why Riversand Digital Asset Management?

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