Why Riversand Customer MDM?

Powering Accurate Customer Information

Riversand Customer Master Data Management incorporates the latest technologies and processes to view, manage, consolidate and govern critical customer data and relationships. This enables businesses to add new customer accounts anytime and continue to update and maintain their current contacts with ease.

  1. Multidomain capabilities – Riversand MDM solution supports party-domains such as Customers, Vendors or Employees, along with thing-domains such as Product, Material, Assets and Locations.
  2. Integration with data sources –  Riversand helps in tracing every interaction with the brand across channels. Information is syndicated from and to different sources like D&B, Salesforce etc. to standardize the customer record.
  3. Advance Match & Merge Technology – Data is merged using various algorithms against existing records and enriched to create Golden Record for each customer. It supports data rationalization and deduplication.

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