Riversand Ascend

A scalable, enterprise-grade PIM and MDM platform

Riversand Ascend is a quick-start, business-ready platform that accelerates  the return on your investment in data management.


Ascend provides Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities on one of the industry’s most experienced and lauded technology platforms.

Riversand Ascend is on the frontline of innovation with cutting-edge solutions for data governance, stewardship, distribution, and Digital Asset Management (DAM).

The platform scales and adapts to your business needs and strategies for the long term. As a result, your investment remains protected and you aren’t locked into an inflexible and non-extensible solution.

At Riversand, we take care of our customers.


Why Riversand Ascend?

You can have a powerful, scalable data platform that emerging high-growth companies and name brand category leaders across all major industries use to handle, process and analyze large spectrums of data.

Proven with Customers

You can count on Riversand’s track record with customers. For nearly 20 years, we’ve built a reputation for being ahead of the technological curve with customers realizing operational gains, cost savings, and revenue advantages for their business.

Fast Start

The right master and product data management is one of your most critical needs. Your operations rely on power and speed to perform. With Riversand, you don’t need to wait for months (or years) to get the right solution. You can be fully operational in weeks.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

At Riversand, we start with your business needs in mind with the goal of providing accelerated ROI to your company. With Ascend, you have a low TCO with a cost model that gives you predictability in your budget, team allocation, time, and overhead.

100% Remote

We launched Ascend with the goal of delivering world-class cloud-native technology and service for the most demanding of customers — all 100% remote. Our methodology is proven and delivers.


Industry-Specific Solutions

At Riversand, we work with emerging high-growth companies and name brand, global category leaders in retail, CPG, food and beverage, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, energy, and other major industries.

We understand your marketing and specific needs, including:

  • PIM for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers
  • Material Master solutions for parts management within industrial manufacturers and distributors
  • Food and Beverage Master solutions for a 360-degree view of ingredients, recipes, and finished goods information for packaged food manufacturers
  • Store Master for specific store data management

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