Riversand Retail Connectors for Data Syndication

Quick and easy product content syndication for customers of all sizes

What are Retail Connectors?

Connectors are tools utilized by manufacturers and distributors for syndication of detailed product information to various retail endpoints to ensure product information is available quickly and consistently across all channels.

Why Retail Connectors?

To keep up with evolving consumers, it is of utmost importance for enterprises to provide trusted, relevant and insightful product data as a fundamental strategic imperative. Product information syndication is the tool used by business leaders to provide this rich product content and detailed product information to various retail endpoints in a timely and consistent manner to influence purchase decisions and beat the competition.

Riversand Connect Features & Benefits

Retailers connectors can help:

  • Provide synchronized product data updates in real-time
  • Enable built-in analytics about product data & channel intelligence
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase trust across channel partners

A Riversand connector will:

  • Coordinate with existing MDM
  • Interface with underlying PIM
  • Allow you to design and build your own connectors
  • Increase exposure to a larger network of retail points

Why Riversand Retail Connectors?

Data Scale

Riversand's connectors use the best of currently available technologies to increase the bandwidth available to customers thereby providing the fastest solution in the market.

Business Scale

Riversand seeks to remove all barriers to expansion for any company. Our platform+apps model allows companies to build their own connectors If their current needs aren't being met by our offerings.

Unified Platform

The connectors are designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the applications on the Riversand Data Platform leading a superior user experience, providing the fastest solution in the market.

Automation & Intelligence

Riversand connectors go beyond merely transmitting the product information to the appropriate channels. They gather data on the performance of the product and contents and deliver actionable intelligence to the business users.

Connector Offerings

OOTB Offerings

Riversand offers a set of connectors that are ready to be deployed out of the box (OOTB). These OOTB connectors include the retail endpoints that are most commonly used in various industries.


If any customer has specialized endpoints that they'd like to reach but are not covered by the OOTB connectors, they have the opportunity to purchase additional connectors from the app store.

Build your own

For those customers that want to build their own connectors - either because the end points are unique, or they have needs that are not being served by any existing connectors - Riversand enables the creation of their own connectors with the help of an SDK (software development kit).

Customized Solutions

Solutions customized to your individual needs and abilities, to unleash your growth.

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