Riversand Customer MDM

Powering Accurate Customer Information

Understand and Anticipate your Customer in the Digital Age

What is Customer Master Data Management?

Customer Master Data Management is a platform to create and manage central records of customer master data & avoid duplication of data. It delivers a single “customer view” for all stakeholders globally, by linking and synchronizing customer information across heterogeneous data sources.

Powering Accurate Customer Information

Riversand Customer MDM incorporates the latest technologies and processes to view, manage, consolidate and govern critical customer data and relationships. This enables businesses to add new customer accounts anytime and continue to update and maintain their current contacts with ease.


Powering Accurate Customer Information

You need Customer Data Management to

  • Track the history of your customer interactions
  • Gain customer insights and deliver more value
  • Improve revenues with targeted marketing campaigns
  • Connect with your customers and establish meaningful relationships

Riversand Customer MDM incorporates

  • Multidomain capabilities
  • Integration with data sources
  • Advance Match & Merge Technology

Omnichannel Growth

Following the robust omnichannel presence of the pureplays, an increasing number organizations have developed their eCommerce presence and made a successful omnichannel strategy a top priority in a sustained effort to remain competitive and relevant in the eyes of their customers.


The Emergence of Mobile

As the smartphone penetration increases in the global markets and the mobile technology (and applications) become more advanced and customer-focused, enterprises have streamlined their operations to fit this growing channel and support the increasing number of sales from mobile platforms.


B2C e-commerce for global brands

With the stagnation of mature markets like Europe and America, global brands have targeted rapidly growing economies such as China and India and are expanding their direct-to-consumer online presence with a tailored product catalog and customer service.


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