The Master Data Experience Platform (MDxP)

A single, unified, multi-domain platform that transforms your data into experiences and leads to smarter decisions.

Here’s the challenge: Every leader must learn to navigate the business environment of today. Instead of sticking exactly to far-in-advance plans, agilely adjusting goals is the new normal as new intelligence emerges. Instead of working in old ways, a leader must rely on data, insights, and knowledge to make decisions and change direction as needed to maximize new opportunity.

This is especially true with leading digital transformation initiatives. The tension among demanding customers, expanding operations, new channels, and creeping costs must be managed wisely. Otherwise, you may run the risk of making bad or incomplete decisions.

What you need is the ability to enable real-time viewing and create impactful experiences on a single unified platform. The Riversand Master Data Experience Platform (MDXP), is a multi-domain, cloud-native solution that controls the breadth and depth of your customer data, product data, location data, and other domain data in one place.

Riversand’s MDxP infuses predictive analytics and artificial intelligence into the operational heart of the company itself, and leverages marketplace channels and system with data-driven decision-making and data standardization globally.

The time is now for teams to take advantage of this expanded scope to deliver first-rate experiences at scale.

Riversand’s Master Data Experience Platform (MDxP) Offers
  • An extensible platform with smart business applications
  • Superior data governance tools that enable businesses to be confident in the accuracy and completeness of their information
  • A true multi-domain core designed to provide a holistic view of the business and drive smarter decision making
  • High-scale processing that drives enterprise speed and agility
  • A native cloud platform that allows for fast implementation and seamless upgrades
  • Streamlined collaboration tools that connect internal and external teams

Product Master

Riversand’s Product Master Domain provides businesses with a high-scale, enterprise grade solution that enables businesses to manage, govern and analyze their product information. By leveraging a best-in-class PIM solution, they are able to go beyond the basics of product information management – developing highly collaborative and efficient digital supply chains.  reducing manual processes, moving products to market faster and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Customer Master

Knowing your customer helps you to push the right content through the right channel at the right time in your customer’s purchase lifecycle. A customer master solution enables you to understand and adapt to evolving customer needs and analyze and nurture customer relationships for both B2B and B2C contexts.

Vendor Master

Riversand’s MDM platform manages vendor data alongside product and customer data. You can maintain relationships between customer, vendor and product domains on a single platform by standardizing the vendor creation process across brands and geographies. Enrich vendor data through address verification and maintain the Tax Jurisdiction Code by integrating with third-party providers.

Recipe Master

Update SKU information across the supply chain and maintain relevant information for each market through the Riversand MDM platform. Manage the process of item creation at the levels of Market FG, Plant SKU, API and Packager SKU. Key capabilities include: introducing a new product into a specific market, connecting a finished good to a packaging SKU and enabling information onboarding in acquisition scenarios (M&A).

Information Governance & Reporting

A powerful data visualization solution that enables you to understand and realize the potential of your master data in a multi-domain world. Use it to easily perform advanced data analysis. Visualize your data in a range of beautiful charts, tables and dashboards. Key capabilities include unearthing hidden correlations and advanced entity introspection.

Spare Master & Material Master

Spare Master: An efficient Spare Parts Management system that simplifies, standardizes and automates processes through a collaborative environment. Material Master: Riversand Material Master Solution is a proficient way for companies that manufacture oil and gas to manage large inventories of materials.

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