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Digitize end-to-end publishing system to improve customer engagement, improve time-to-market, and lowers costs

What is Print Publishing?

Print Publishing is a business process to digitize end-to-end publishing system. It helps lowers costs, speeds time-to-market, and improves customer engagement and satisfaction.The technological revolution has challenged the traditional view of publishing and created new digital resources for enterprises to collect and access data. Content publishing has always played an important role in the marketing promotional mix, and companies have always been on the lookout for new methods to integrate their publishing funnel seamlessly.

Riversand Print

Riversand Print opens the door to the digital world of publishing, streamlines the compilation of content, and allows companies to control and monitor the publishing processes and the structural management of publications.

Digitize end-to-end publishing system to lowers costs, speed time-to-market, and improve customer engagement

Need for Print Publishing

  • Optimize your multi-channel communications
  • Increase the conversion rates for online media
  • Customize product data, catalogs, promotions and relationships for individual markets and customer segments
  • Release products to the market faster with consistent and better print
  • Differentiate your company’s product information from your competition
  • Better orchestrate product data across your supply chain

Why Riversand Print Solution

  • Reduce external costs by eliminating the manual and semi-automated page generation
  • Access relevant and accurate data and remove the inconsistencies in the production of catalogs across different business regions
  • Streamline the communication process between product managers and the marketing team/print publication team
  • Eliminate content errors and the need for corrections for technical specifications, product descriptions or branding guidelines
  • Realign and optimize communications globally
  • Publish complex multilingual documents and catalogs with confidence

Integration with PIM

Riversand Print Solution effortlessly integrates with the Riversand PIM system. It extracts data for crafting and publishing a wide range of materials from data sheets and product catalogs to sales manuals, flyers, labels, and leaflets, both digitally and in print.

Consistent Brand

Riversand is the leading innovator and provider of print publishing solutions, to deliver a consistent brand experience across print, online, mobile and in-store channels


Easy Distribution

Riversand offers businesses an efficient medium to access data from Product Information Management (PIM) system and create product publications, with a polished editorial look, which can be quickly and efficiently distributed for in-house use and across all the media channels..

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