Riversand Vendor Portal

Streamlining the process of creating rich product content

Collect and Manage Accurate Product Data from Vendors

Streamlining Product Information Supply Chain starting with Vendors

Streamlining the process of creating rich product content while reducing the time-to-market for New Product Introduction (NPIs) is a necessity and constant obstacle for retailers, distributors and manufacturers. This is especially true for consumer-oriented businesses who must rely on suppliers for product information while adding their unique touch to the product with personal branding and media assets.

Riversand Solution

Riversand Vendor Portal connects the Vendor community to a simplified, self-service interface which allows them to upload their data simultaneously for easy onboarding and new product introductions.

Streamlining the process of creating rich product content

You need a Vendor Portal if you like to

  • Streamline the data onboarding process for your vendors?
  • Decrease the time-to-market for New Product Introduction (NPIs)?
  • Speed up the process of creating rich product content?
  • Allow Vendors to upload and update bulk product data?
  • Expand the product catalog without additional inventory management costs?

Riversand Vendor Portal application provides

  • Single platform for Product content & Digital Assets
  • Built-in Workflow Process
  • PIM Integration
  • 360º Vendor Overview
  • Improved Data Quality

Vendor Account Management

Provides users with access to a single “source of truth” for Vendor product master data. The portal creates a complete “Entity” record for each Vendor which needs to be pre-approved by the business. Both the company and the suppliers have the option to modify product attributes, relationships, and the product catalogs as they please.

Vendor Risk Assessment

Gives an overview of the supply chain and ensures that the raw materials and the finished products are in line with all the business rules and government regulatory standards and fit for sale. Assesses the probability of having problems with a supplier and how disruptive this will be for the business operations. Enables organizations to streamline their supply chain and manage their sourcing strategies.

Vendor Performance Monitoring

This function allows enterprises to handle the changes required for a flexible supply chain and supports an excellent customer service. By monitoring the performance of their suppliers, companies can create a backup plan and manage emergency situations (e.g. a supplier can’t meet up the demand, bankruptcy, or unforeseen natural disasters). Implements business workflows which give access to all the tasks and activities and manage particular risks.

Riversand shifts toward a cloud-native, ‘digital ready’ MDM platform

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