1WorldSync Connector

The Power of Riversand Connector for 1WorldSync

Connector Optimizes Product Information Management Processes via 1WorldSync

The Riversand Connector for 1WorldSync allows suppliers to define GS1 standardized data in our PIM and communicate it via 1WorldSync to trading partners. It allows data recipients to receive product information via 1WorldSync with all 1WorldSync related activities to be initiated in, seen and managed in our PIM.

Riversand’s MDMCenter for Product Data solution and Connector for 1WorldSync allow Riversand clients to quickly and easily aggregate and develop product content. Once staged within the PIM, product data can be easily communicated /registered with 1WorldSync and published to trading partners.

Riversand’s flexible connector architecture allows for easy integration with multiple data pools like Edgenet, GXS, SA2, and AS2

Learn how Riversand Demand Side Connector for 1WorldSync.

Learn how Riversand 1WorldSync Supply Side Connector For Food and CPG Manufacturers

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