Riversand Connect

Riversand builds software that breaks the barrier between data & barriers by unifying data across supplychain.

What is Riversand Connect?

Connecting to your data ecosystem

To launch products faster to the market, to win more customers and improve operational efficiencies enterprises need to connect their data throughout their information supply chain. MDM and PIM solutions should be able to connect with upstream and downstream systems within the enterprise.

Riversand Connect

Riversand Connect Application provides out of the box connectors for Content Distribution and Content Onboarding Platforms. It enables data onboarding, aggregation, and enrichment from external content providers, vendors, and suppliers.

Riversand Connect Features & Benefits

You need Data Integration and Syndication app

  • To aggregate, enrich, and distribute data to external sources
  • To collate master data from various platforms and distribute it on omnichannel
  • To exchange data directly with content aggregators, data providers, ecommerce and marketplaces

Riversand Connect

  • More revenue with Omnichannel
  • Increase consistency with Real time exchange
  • Decrease errors with Automatic Syndication
  • Spread your base with more Integrations

More revenue with Omnichannel

This innovative technology is flexible, scalable and seamlessly collate and distribute master data on omnichannel without inherent errors.

Increase consistency with Real time exchange

Riversand Connect is a reliable and easy-to-use Application, hosted in the cloud, that exchanges information in real-time with other cloud-hosted marketplace providers, eCommerce, or on-premise ERP solutions.

Decrease errors with Automatic Syndication

It facilitates data distribution to enable automatic syndication with external sources and marketplaces. This helps enterprises save valuable time and resources. The Connect Application provides an extensible platform which facilitates incremental updates of data.

Get Products to market faster with Riversand Connect

The Connect Application hosted on cloud interacts directly with marketplaces or other cloud hosted solutions. Current implementations include integration with Oracle, Amazon, Magento and other big players in the domain.

Riversand’s flexible connector architecture allows for easy integration with multiple data pools like Edgenet, GXS, SA2, and AS2.


The Power of Riversand’s Connector for 1WorldSync

The Riversand Connector for 1WorldSync allows suppliers to define GS1 standardized data in our PIM and communicate it via 1WorldSync to trading partners.

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Demandware Connector

Riversand Technologies has a certified pre-built integration between MDMCenter and the Demandware Commerce Cloud, making it possible for the clients of Demandware, a Salesforce company, to implement its MDMCenter solution in a fraction of the time normally required.

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