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JTV bedazzles its customers with multi-faceted product information

JTV (Jewelry Television) is the world’s largest retailer of loose and wholesale gemstones and features an extensive selection of finished pieces from rings and earrings to necklaces, watches and more, offering everything “from simple and subtle to bold and beautiful.” On air and online, JTV relies on real-time product information that is not only up to date, but also rich in product attributes, owing to the complexity of gemstone classifications.

The 25-year-old company, which has more than $500 million in gross annual sales, has had its own home shopping channel for decades, providing live TV programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to 85 million viewers in the United States. As retail evolved, JTV has added online shopping through the web, over-the-top (OTT) devices such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV Stick, as well as mobile apps.

Jewelry and gemstones are not only highly personal purchases, they are investments signifying the need for JTV to provide their customers with with rich, detailed and trustworthy product information. According to Chris Meystrik, JTV’s CTO, “We have built most of our support technology in-house, including our order management and warehouse management systems, so it was very rare for us to add third-party software, particularly something “off the shelf.”

But that’s just what JTV did to increase the scope, quality, and speed of availability of product data to prospects and customers. The technology search started in 2016 and ended with the selection of Riversand’s Product Information Management system.

JTV chose Riversand for a number of reasons, according to Meystrik. “We liked their vision. Their [master data management] platform for this was very unique. And this is all they do, so they have a very focused attention on this. A focused attention is what we like to have in our partners.”

“The results have been phenomenal,” Meystrik says. “We are so excited.”

New products move from SKU creation to the website in seconds, rather than “10s of minutes” with the old system, meaning that customers can more quickly research and purchase new products.

Similarly, new data is pushed out to mobile devices in near real time, which didn’t happen before.
“We’ve also reduced the amount of time it takes to enter new SKUs,” Meystrik says. “It’s increased our efficiency by 30 percent. That’s a substantial amount of time savings.”




Jewelry Television® (JTV) on choosing Riversand

“Riversand easily integrated into our enterprise systems as though we had written it ourselves … a very progressive company, they met our need for speed.”

Chris Meystrik, CTO

Multi-faceted Product Information at Work with Gemopedia

Jewelry Television’s Gemopedia is a comprehensive gemstone encyclopedia with anything and everything gem shoppers need to know about gemstones. From common gemstones to rare gemstones seldom heard of, JTV has fun facts and exclusive gemstone information in our new and improved JTV Gemopedia! By using a simple search box or navigating to each gemstone with our easy to use alphabetical listing, customers can be sure they are choosing the right stone for their special jewelery pieces.

JTV and Riversand have been working together since 2015, having completed their initial PIM implementation in 2016. It’s incredible to think that we have been able to be such an integral part of Jewelry Television’s ongoing digital evolution. We look forward to a bedazzling future together!

JTV now executes on their omni-digital strategy much more effectively

“With the construction of a message fabric, that supplies all of JTV’s product integration to all their web properties and business partners, they are able to move changes in PIM to all business partners and their web properties in less than 10 seconds., this allows JTV to execute on their omni-digital strategy much more effectively than any time in the past.”

Raul Rom, EVP Global Customer Relations at Riversand

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