Why Riversand Connect?

Get Products to market faster with Riversand Connect Application

Riversand Connect Application provides out of the box connectors for Content Distribution and Content Onboarding Platforms. It enables data onboarding, aggregation, and enrichment from external content providers, vendors, and suppliers.

  • More revenue with Omnichannel – This innovative technology is flexible, scalable and seamlessly collate and distribute master data on omnichannel without inherent errors.
  • Increase consistency with Real time exchange – Riversand Connect is a reliable and easy-to-use Application, hosted in the cloud, that exchanges information in real-time with other cloud-hosted marketplace providers, eCommerce, or on-premise ERP solutions.
  • Decrease errors with Automatic Syndication – It facilitates data distribution to enable automatic syndication with external sources and marketplaces. This helps enterprises save valuable time and resources. The Connect Application provides an extensible platform which facilitates incremental updates of data.
  • Spread your base with more Integrations – It supports various integration patterns, with flexibility to create and plug in new connectors.
  • Security – The solution provides encrypted delivery to protect sensitive data against cyber-attacks. In addition, it offers the highest level of data and resource isolation for Bulk, ETL, and CEP use-cases.

Riversand Connect establishes the base to develop data-driven applications for all the enterprises who wish to integrate their data management systems further on.