JTV Launches Revamped Digital Infrastructure with PIM at the Core

July 17, 2018

Paving the way for great customer experience through multi-faceted product updates

On air and online, JTV relies on real-time product information that is not only up to date, but also rich in product attributes, owing to the complexity of jewelry and gemstone classifications. JTV launched Riversand’s Product Information Management (PIM) system just prior to a re-platform of their entire digital web infrastructure, placing the entire product catalog under the management of the Riversand PIM system. JTV has written their entire Enterprise Systems in-house but relies on Riversand for its PIM solution.

“The PIM platform was a key component of our proprietary digital web infrastructure release as we added many facets to our data and restructured our product hierarchy to make product information much more accessible to our customers. Our web platform was specifically constructed with this new hierarchy in mind, so there was a strict dependency on PIM being in place on time,” said Chris Meystrik, JTV’s CTO. “We were in the market for a PIM provider, and fell in love with Riversand … we wanted a solution that would fit together with our enterprise solution as though we had written it ourselves, and it does.”

“The PIM platform is a strategic element of our all-new E-commerce technology stack. It has enabled us to significantly extend the number of product attributes, while at the same time providing the data governance to ensure a more consistent structure to that information. The benefits have been numerous including, improvements in site navigation and the relevancy of our site search results as well as enabling our merchants to better curate assortments with ease,” said Craig M Shields, VP, E-commerce at JTV.

JTVRiversand completed the PIM integration with JTV’s internal product team, resulting in their entire product catalog being placed under the management of the Riversand PIM system. JTV’s key platform requirements included the construction of numerous business rules to govern the integrity of JTV’s data, as well as the speed of change propagation to all their digital properties.

“With the construction of a message fabric, that supplies all of JTV’s product integration to all their web properties and business partners, they are able to move changes in PIM to all business partners and their web properties in less than 10 seconds,” said Raul Rom, EVP Global Customer Relations at Riversand. “This allows JTV to execute on their omni-digital strategy much more effectively than any time in the past.”

About JTV
JTV (Jewelry Television®) is the leading retailer of jewelry and gemstones in the United States. With a proven 24-year history, JTV leverages an omni-digital strategy designed to elevate the customer experience through holistic, digitally-driven touch points, including live TV programming, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to 85 million U.S. households, an industry leading mobile optimized e-commerce platform, and a robust and engaging social media presence. As part of its commitment to customer satisfaction and the development and distribution of educational content, the company employs numerous Graduate Gemologists and Accredited Jewelry Professionals. JTV.com is one of the largest jewelry e-commerce websites in the country according to Internet Retailer’s Top 500 list for 2015. For more information, visit JTV.com and JTV’s social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

About Riversand
Riversand cloud-native master data management solutions are designed to support customers’ digital transformation journeys through improved business agility, faster adoption and improved collaboration across the enterprise. Riversand has a vision of helping companies know their customers better, move products faster, automate processes, mitigate risk and run their businesses smarter. Our customers, partners and analysts recognize us as a trusted partner, visionary and a leader. Visit Riversand.com for more information and follow us @RiversandMDM on Twitter, @Riversand on Facebook and Riversand on LinkedIn.

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